Friday, January 14, 2011

Beach, Books, Ben Afflecks, Boracay!

Devoid of many expectations, I packed my bags for Boracay without doing my usual pre-travel duties such as drafting an itinerary and researching the what-to-see-and-where-to-go-there stuff.  I was ready for anything. I cared less whether it’s a great place or not. I will be there to relax, to escape the city, to chill.

My pre-Boracay thoughts were that this place reeks with sun-kissed tourists, loud party-goers, over the top expensive hang outs, hardworking locals asking for massage services, a pocketful of sunshine, and yes, white sand beaches.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A bit of Albay

Oct 23, 2010

If Pinatubo became beautiful after the disaster, Mayon will always be the disaster-threatening beauty of Albay. It is the constant view that no one can escape from. Always there. Always a welcoming sight.

Along with my sisters Cha and Loi, we had a quick stop in Albay before heading to our own province, Catanduanes. We arrived in Bicol with clouds scattered and some isolated showers.

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