Thursday, January 29, 2015

PSI Max Jim Tria: My job is not for the faint-hearted

Two years ago, during a small family reunion, you told me something I have never quite forgotten. 

"... not for the weak o faint-hearted ang trabaho ko."

While I felt pompous dishing out details of my adventures in Southern Mindanao, you were understandably silent about the specifics of your work. All I knew was that, you belong to an elite unit in the PNP Special Action Force. 

But now I truly understand what you meant back then. Indeed, your job is something that not so many people would take on. It entails stepping into the peripheries, and into the wild.

I wasn't surprised when I heard that you joined the PNP. I'd like to think that ours is a family of brave soldiers and policemen. Papa is a retired police, and ninong is in active service. 

After your graduation at the PNPA, I had no doubt that in a few years time, you will rise from the ranks, and that someday, a brave and principled man like you will lead the police force.

We grew up hearing police jargons like "mission" and "operation." We know the dangers that come with the service, but still, we were never quite oriented on how to confront "loss" or "death."

Last Sunday, when the news broke that at least 44 members of the PNP-SAF were killed during the supposed legitimate operation in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, I was heart-broken. I felt for the bereaved family of those fallen heroes -- the widows, the orphans, and parents left behind.

A few hours after the gunfight ended, and after those killed in action were accounted for, I got the news that tore my heart to pieces. I got the confirmation that I wasn't ready to accept.

Mac, I'm grieving now. The entire Tria, Ramirez, and Gurrobat families are weeping.

You fought a hard battle. You fought with your men until the end.

While most of us sleep peacefully in our beds at night, you were out there marching on to a fierce battle hoping that in the end, peace will be achieved in that war-torn place.

As your cousin and as a Filipino, I'm very proud of you. Ours is a poor country, but we are rich in the courage of heroes like you.

I'm grateful to you, and your comrades for your selfless service to our country.

Pahingalo ka na, Mac. Mamimiss mi ika.

Salute to our hero, Police Senior Inspector Max Jim Tria.


My deepest, deepest sympathy to Ninong William, Tiya Pinya, Ace, Gui-gui, Julius, Bam and France. 


  1. Let's hope that justice be served for the fallen men and the families that they left. I hope that the people responsible for these killings be made liable and pay their dues.

  2. Replies
    1. my condolences and prayers cha.
      paki abot man kina ace and guiller.

  3. :( :( condolences po to you and your family :( :(

  4. hindi ko alam sasabihin ko pero salamat sa kabayanihan nila.

  5. Salamat sa magigiting nating mga bayani.

  6. Prayers for you and for the family of the fallen soldiers. Condolence.

  7. condolence for you and to those brave fallen soldiers.. on behalf of caballero family

  8. Condolence deepest symphaty sa mga naiwan..

  9. Ang pinaka idol kong upperclass at company mate...isa sa pinaka nirerespeto ko. Naalala ko pa nunbg nasa Delta barracks tayo kusa akong lumalapit sayo para instant UI (under instruction) mo ko. Paraan ko para ndi na ko mautusan ng ibang upperclass ko. My snappiest salute sir!!!!!! -11040

  10. Condolence to the whole family...may PSI Tria and all the fallen officers and men of PNP SAF who died in the Mamasapano Clash rest in peace...

    From where is PSI Tria's family by the way? Thank you and God bless!

  11. Mabalos saimo kababayan ko asin sa saimong pag-iriba.. our condolences to the bereaved families.. a Big Salute to all of you, fallen heroes...RIP :(

  12. Dios mabalos! Saludo kami saimo tugang! Condolences tabi sa pamilya Tria buda sa gabos.

  13. Our deepest condolences to the bereaved family, relatives and friends. Our prayers of comfort and courage at this most trying moment. Rest in peace, our dearest hero PSI Mac. - Tresvalles and Cabalo families

  14. Condolences to the whole family. Naguilumduman ko si Mac na maboot na aki. Classmate cya ning tugang ko poon elementary hanggang high school. Nakamundo ang nangyari pero proud ako saimo noy. Pahingalo na Mac.

  15. Pahingalo ka na. Rest in peace bok! May God welcome you in His kingdom. Saludo ako sayo!

  16. Rest in peace and my condolence to the family.

  17. As a fellow Catandunganon I salute you, your bravery together with 43 others SAF men are incomparable...I just hope justice will prevail....I said no to BBL

  18. Saludo kami sayo PSI Max Jim Tria at iyong mga kasamahan.

    Galing sa isa sa madlang nagnanais na magpaabot ng aming taos-pusong pakikiramay sa inyong mga kapatid, kaanak, kaibigan at lalong lalo na sa inyong mga magulang.

    Sadyang marahas ang ideolohiya ng kapayapaan. Maraming salamat sa inyong kagitingan kaibigan, at walang kapantay na pagmahal sa ating Pilipinas.

  19. demetrio lumbao jrJanuary 30, 2015 at 4:12 PM

    Salamat sa Mac tria saludo ako syo Hindi ka namen makakalimotan isang kang bayani ng bayan condolence proud of catanduanes

  20. Sunshine San Felipe EndrigaJanuary 30, 2015 at 5:01 PM

    Condolence to the behalf of Tria clan here in CamSur we extend our condolences and sympathy to his family.We're proud of you Max bring glory not only to our family name but for our country. Rest in Peace.Saludo kami sau!

  21. My deepest condolences to the bereaved families and relatives of the Fallen44... and especially to your family. Reading the news (Lone soldier from Bicol...), my heart instantly weeps for you and your family. I may not know you personally but your sacrifice along with the other SAF members will never be forgotten. I salute you heroes and am proud to be a Bicolana! Saludo ako sa imu. God bless.

  22. Thank you Sir Max Jim Tria! Salute! Your death will always be remembered and my deepest condolence to his family. :(( this really broke my heart to pieces and it's like a dagger to my very soul! Salamat ng marami. #Tagapagligtas

  23. my fellow laboratorian..may you rest in peace PSI MAX JIM TRIA...i salute you sir..condolences to the family

  24. Heard about him as "the last man standing" in SAF. I salute you Sir. Ang bata pa nya.. madami parin sana mangyayari sa buhay nya at ng other 43 cops. But thank you for being self-less and for protecting our country. :( my heart goes to all the families of the #fallen44's.

  25. Our condolences Che. May they rest in peace now and may justice prevail.

  26. last man standing accdg to the news. it must have been hard seeing ur fallen comrades and keep fighting.. such bravery! rest in peace my brother in Alpha Phi Omega..

  27. My deepest sympathy! RIP bro... You are now safely held in the palm of God's hand. ORGOLYO KA NG BIKOLNON ASIN NG ALPHA PHI OMEGA!


    They were young, they were the best,
    But they were left behind by the rest,
    They have fought and they have fallen,
    As the enemies won and their lives were taken.

    Called for reinforcement but nobody came,
    To our government this is a shame,
    What went wrong and who's to blame,
    If back up's in time it won't be the same.

    They died in combat standing their ground,
    In place where hope was never found,
    Where all that's heard were gunfire's sound,
    Enemies surround them, death has dragged them around.

    It's a job well done, their mission's accomplished,
    But in fields of war our SAF men has perished,
    With the last thought of their loved ones as they shut their eyes in anguish,
    Deep in our hearts they will always be cherished.

    To their love ones they're more than just a soldier,
    But a loving husband and dad, a caring brother,
    A precious son to his mother and father,
    Now all that's left are memories when you were together.

    Perhaps we do not know the dignity of their birth,
    But we know and commend the glory of their death,
    Story of their lives will be told with respect,
    As they have served our nation until their last breath.

    They were young, they were the best,
    But they were left behind by the rest,
    They have fought and they have fallen,
    They may rest in peace now, with our Father in heaven.

    When I was younger gusto kong magsundalo. Pero nung high school naranasan ko mag-CAT nahirapan ako. I quit. I remember my husband, boyfriend ko pa lang sya nung nagpapaalam sya sa akin na papasok sa PMA, hindi ako pumayag dahil ito yung kinatatakutan ko. I never knew any of you our brave fallen heroes but until now I still weep and in grief for your death. Hindi ko nagawa yung trabaho ko for days. I'm really disturbed. But for the first time in a long time (since high school) nakagawa ulit ako ng poem. Sana hindi masayang yung sacrifices nyo and we'll all pray for your souls, your family so they can pass through this storm, and for justice to be served. You have a special place in my heart for my mom is also a bicolana. She's from Pili, CamSur.

    A snappy salute to all of you brave SAF 44. May you rest in peace with our Lord.

  29. condolence for the family of the saf fallen 44, to the brave and young men of our country, may all of you rest in peace.

  30. rest brave soldier... rest sweet child of the universe... peace be with you... in that sweet slumber cradled in the arms of your maker...

  31. Rest in peace max jim tria. You are truly a hero. Thank you for your sacrifice

  32. Kulang ang salitang mahal.kulang ang ilang baldeng luha kulang ang parusahan Ko ang sarili Ko Para sabihing saung sobrang miss Kita.�� Salamat tot ha..maraming Salamat Sa bawat araw na pinasaya mo Ako mula noon hanggang ngaun.ikaw Lang ang nag iisang mahal Sa puso Ko at di na kelangan malaman ng lahat .tama na alam mo na ikaw Lang ang nasa isip at puso Ko..miss Kita..ngaun na mag Isa na akong haharap sa buhay dala dala Ko Lang ang ala ala natin.❤ iloveyouuuuu babe


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