Saturday, November 30, 2013

Top 30 Favorite Spots in the Philippines: 2.Kayangan Lake, Coron, Palawan

Known for its lovely limestone cliffs, clear and tranquil lake waters, pristine white sand beaches, amazing snorkeling spots, green mountains, and great seafood, enough said... Coron, Palawan is absolutely a must-visit destination.

But among the many wonderful spots I have visited in Coron, Kayangan Lake stands out for me. I fell enchantingly in love to this lake, also dubbed as the "cleanest lake in the country," all for the peace and quiet I found in that perfect spot under the sky.

To get there, we had to take a motorized boat from Coron proper going to the jump-off point before we hiked enroute to the lake.  We passed by the stunning view from the mountain (near a cave),  which is also one of the most photographed spots in Palawan. From that point, we took a downhill path before finally seeing the beautiful and hidden Kayangan Lake. The difficulty going to the area will wane as soon as you plunge into the refreshing blue waters of the lake.

When in Coron, make sure to include Kayangan Lake in your itinerary! To know more about Coron, visit my post here. :)

*30Before30: 30 days before my 30th- a recap of my favorite spots in the Philippines*

Clear waters of Kayangan Lake

Friday, November 29, 2013

Top 30 Favorite Spots in the Philippines: 1. Batanes

Thirty days before my 30th birthday, I'm going to let myself down the memory lane and recount my top 30 favorite spots around our country. I'm sharing random photos of places I've visited while I was completing my 80 Before 30 challengeThis is my 30Before30 Project.

The first of this 30-day series will be from one of my favorite provinces-- Batanes, an amazing province located in the northernmost part of the Philippines. Known for its splendid landscape and seascape, Batanes is definitely a dream destination for many. During my visit in 2011, I enjoyed many of its unique attractions. I specially liked my falowa ride from Batan Island to Sabtang, the one-of-a-kind shopping experience at the Honesty Coffee Shop, tried donning the native Vakul (Ivatan protected headgear), walked along the UNESCO Heritage nominated site stone houses at Chavayan, and was amazed by the sunset at Naidi Hill or the Basco Lighthouse. 

There's quite a lot to love about Batanes, but the one that stood out for me was the experience I had when I first saw the gentle rolling hills that this province is famous for. The grazing cows and the carpet-like verdant grass! It was a dreamy April afternoon that stayed with me for a long time. One crazy thing I did while I was there was...hmmm... well... roll down the hill. Yes, literally! haha :)

Check out more of my Batanes stories here.

Rolling Hills of Batanes

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A lot to be grateful for

A "Religion of Gratitude," as what my friend calls it, is what we probably need nowadays in this totally imperfect world. Our mantra would bear no more than two powerful words recited in the most precise and passionate patterns... thank you, thank you, and thank you. 

And if words are not enough, allow yourself to send a warm and sincere smile to whoever needs it.

Yes, despite of life unfolding in some ways that we sometimes find less amusing, we can still have more and more reasons to be thankful for. And I am grateful, too. For a lot of reasons.

Sending out a big thank you from the top of Bud Bongao in Tawi Tawi!

Just recently, I have completed what I consider a big milestone in my life, that of having seen 80 of the 81 provinces of the Philippines before I turn 30 years old. It was a three-year challenge that I've pursued and that has ended last weekend, November 23. A month before my 30th birthday, I set foot on to my 80th province, in the southernmost province of the country, Tawi Tawi. It was one of the most thrilling and fulfilling adventures I had, which I'll blog the full details very soon.

I know I wouldn't have accomplished this goal if not for the many people who had been with me throughout this crazy journey.

To my parents, who despite not being totally permissive of my notorious escapes, still supports me and constantly texts me "ingat ka " and to my sisters and brother who have been my default cheerers and "supporters"... thank you!

To old friends and the new ones I've made while on the road, who had continuously inspired me to search for new and challenging paths... thank you!

To Anchi, who have been my sole partner in exploring more than 30 beautiful destinations around the country, for the massive love, support and understanding, beyond words... thank you.

To the hardworking tour guides, boatmen, bus/cab/jeepney drivers, souvenir vendors, and the many people I met while traveling... and to the kind universe... thank you.

To God... for the blessed opportunity you had given to be able to experience the many wonders of our country... thank you.

For everything, to everyone, I am grateful. Always.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#LUVisayas: How to help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda

I'll keep this short. Please read: URGENT! 

Our kababayans in many parts of Visayas are in desperate need of our help, and in response to this grave extraordinary situation, my friends from BookSail and I are collecting donations of  food and supplies. 

Since children and women are the most vulnerable in situations like this, we would like to prioritize their needs. 

Children's special needs
biscuits (not too sweet)
vitamin C (generics also accepted)

Women's special needs 
disposable panties
vitamin C

canned goods
bottles water


Hygiene kits:

For cash donations, please forward the money to Philippine Red Cross. Once deposited, please let me know so I can document and acknowledge your donation here in my blog. Thanks!

A boy survived the wrath of Yolanda in Tacloban, Leyte. Photo credit:

How to help:

Please contact us so we can arrange meet ups to collect your donations:

Che Gurrobat (Pasig) 0917-745-4538
Eph Aguilar (Quezon City) 0929-785-9633
Jha Bobis (Makati/Muntinlupa) 0919-982-7908

All donations that will be gathered from this relief effort will be forwarded on Sunday, November 17, to GMA Kapuso Foundation for distribution to the affected areas. 

How to Support:

Follow our Facebook page #LUVisayas, and your post UNSELFISH SELFIE with the sign #LUVisayas which will be our statement of love and support for everyone affected by this massive devastation. 

They need us now, not tomorrow, now. Please help!

Thank you very much,

Che Gurrobat
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