Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GMA7's Unang Hirit features Backpacking Pilipinas' travel tips

In my recent interview with Unang Hirit, I shared some tips on how to make your summer getaway more fun even on a shoestring budget. It's important to plan your trip ahead of time, book your flight months earlier to score for some cheaper fares, allot more budget on food and tours, read travel blogs when researching your destination, and explore unique and unspoiled places this summer. 

For more details, watch this video, courtesy of GMA7. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Backpacking Pilipinas wins 2nd Runner-Up in the Philippine Skyscanner 2014 Bloscars Travel Awards

To be among the top 10 finalists, together with some of my favorite travel bloggers, was already a big surprise, so imagine how special it was for me to wake up one day to the news that I made it to the top 3! Yes, I was elated! The nomination and the 2nd Runner Up finish in the Philippine Skyscanner 2014 Bloscars Travel Award are great kickstarters for Backpacking Pilipinas, and I can feel that we're off to an awesome year ahead!

A month after the finalists were named, the Philippine Bloscars winner was announced last week via the Skyscanner's websiteThe winner was assessed by Skyscanner based on several criteria and the votes from the public. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Summer 2014 Travel Guide: 16 Best Unspoiled Philippine Beach Destinations

Summer hasn't officially kicked off yet, but the blue sky and the sun beating down hard outside are nature's way of reminding me that my favorite season is just around the corner.

I love summer! It's the season we see flowers in full bloom, the skies clear and the beaches are postcard-perfect; we get lazy basking under the warm summer sky and get much longer sleep; we go out at night for firefly-watching, camping, and road trips; and doze off to sleep in the cool afternoon breeze while on a hammock underneath a mango tree. For most of us, summer is synonymous to vacation. It's the time of the year when we plan out getaways, travel with our family and friends, and head to our summer refuge --the beach. 

With our endless coastlines, there's definitely no shortage of white sand beaches we can go around here. But in the recent years, beach-goers have been mostly concentrated in the world-famous island in the Visayas-- Boracay. Year after year, this paradise has been seeing huge man-made developments to cater to the demands of the growing influx of foreign and local tourists. Yes, huge amount of money goes to the island's coffers, but I have to say that too much commercialism is also taking toll to this once pristine, quiet and immaculate island. I wonder how beautiful it must have been there before madness settled in.

This summer, my advise is to try to veer away from Boracay and explore the lesser-known but equally pretty beaches (without the party crowd). 

After visiting the 80 (of the 81) provinces in the Philippines, I'm blessed to have been to many splendid beaches that boast of quality fine sandy shoreline, spectacular sunsets and sunrises, amazing dive sites, lush mangrove forests, and clear emerald-colored waters. The beauty of these beaches will blow your mind!
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