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My CORONific Experience!

Coron has amazing lagoons like this one near Kayangan Lake

Sept. 19- 21, 2010
Coron, Palawan

I first learned about Coron way back in my grade school years when my father was invited for a cockfight there. I vividly remember how we devoured the  cashew nuts he brought home from that trip. It was the first time I have ever tasted cashew nuts so it was like a huge feast at home. But apart from the cashew nuts story, he made no mention of how Coron was like as a small town in Palawan.

From the time of my father’s visit up until today, Coron had significantly grown to become a very popular tourist destination. So when my sister Cha told me that she wanted to book a flight to Coron, I pleaded to tag along. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

My travel companions were Cha, Janet, Vicki, Jane, Myles, Cathy, Susan, Gemma, Ana, Sancai, Alma, Imee, Tin and Angie. Thanks to them, the trip was fun and easy even when some things got a little awry along the way.

15-strong all-female Coron travelers

We arrived at Busuanga Airport on a clear sunny September morning. After a hurried lunch at the airport, we were carted off to Rudy’s Place, where we stayed at for our three days two nights in Coron. I would say that we were not welcomed warmly in this place when we arrived. Later, the dissatisfaction aggravated when we found out that one of the rooms we rented has no water supply and the staff had very slow response to our needs. I think Rudy’s Place has a lot to improve on in terms of providing good customer service. It's better to check some other hotels if you're planning a trip to Coron. 

Pristine white sand at Malcapuya Island

Bulog-dos Island

Banana Island

On our first day around Coron, we went to CYC Beach (wasn’t the best place to start the trip), Twin Lagoon (has the best emerald green water), Kayangan Lake (amazing view from the top of the hill and great lake water, P200 entrance fee), siete picados (amazing snorkeling spot) and twin peaks (it didn’t really look like a peak to me). At night, cha and I feasted at the best pizza place in Coron, in Bistro Coron. After, we enjoyed the simple nightlife at the town plaza, loving the clear starry night above us.

Kayangan Lake

With Cha near Twin Lagoon

with Janet and Cha at Mt. Tapyas

Our second day was the “island escapade.” We woke up early to summit Mt Tapyas. We had to climb about 700 steps before we reached the top. But the effort was rewarded by the spectacular view we saw while we were there. 

After breakfast, we had an hour and a half boat ride going to the beautiful Malcapuya Island. The water and sand there reminded me of Panglao Island in Bohol. Just amazingly pristine. Afterwards, we went to the equally beautiful Banana Island where in we had a very sumptuous lunch. Then we also dipped into the water of Bulog Island and strolled under the heat of the sun in its  gorgeous sand bar. Then, off we went to experience ship-wreck snorkeling at Barracuda Lake. I super  enjoyed playing with the fish there which I do not see so often anywhere else. I super liked the blue-pink-yellow corals I saw down under. It was just unbelievably beautiful. It made me want to become a diver. But oops, I should learn how to swim first.hehe

The best way to top the amazing day was the relaxing bath we had at Maquinit Hotspring. It was a super day, a beautiful tiring day.

wild flower at Mt. Tapyas

the calm and blue waters near Maquinit Hotspring
green grassland at Mt. Tapyas
Contact/tour services: 
Leidy De Ocampo -(63) 0919-940-6554 – smart, 
                          (63) 0915-443-5633 – globe

Budget of the tour depends on the number of people joining. The larger the group is, the cheaper. Haggling is the key to success. Good luck!

Here are some of the things I learned while exploring Coron:

1. The place hasn't been touched by any fast food chain yet. No bees and golden arches anywhere.

2. I saw one ATM while roaming the place. Better bring cash.

3. It’s better to make reservations before going to the island. 

4. Their cashew nuts can cost you an arm and a leg.

5. The place lacks souvenir shops. We found only one while roaming around the town.

6. Trike fare around this little town is P10.

7. I’d say it’s a peaceful place. Going around at night will not be a problem.

8. Bring lots of swimwear.

9. Take lots of photos. If you have underwater cam, the better.

10. Keep the smile and the adventurous spirit with you!

11. People of Palawan speaks Tagalog. But if you hear something unbelievable, just say “Boret!”

12. Please keep Coron clean!


  1. I LOVE CORON!One of the best places I've been to! :)

  2. Was there January 2012 and never stopped dreaming of coming back. Really glad to see they're serious about keeping the environment clean. Thank you for your blogs, enjoyable and helpful.

  3. Ma'am this is leidy de ocampo my new number is 0999-9936639 thank u

  4. Hi Ma'am this is Leidy po, we do have a lodging house na po in Coron its called "CORON GUAPOS GUESTHOUSE" contact number is 09999936639,Email us at thank you!


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