Thursday, July 4, 2013

La Union Food Spots: Urbiztondo Grill, Thunderbird Resorts, Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa

Aside from being home to the prime surfing spot in Northern Luzon, La Union also prides with a number of restaurants that will definitely feed your appetite after hours of being out in the sea riding the waves. Whether choose to surf or simply lounge in the fine gray sand of San Juan, La Union, you'll be in for a tummy treat  as you go for a gastronomic trip from high-end to humble restaurants.

In my recent trip to La Union with fellow travel bloggers, I had the chance to visit some of the restaurants around, thanks to Lois and Raf  of the The Circle Hostel.

Urbiztondo Grill

Located right along the main highway at Urbiztondo, San Juan, dining here is definitely a treat especially those up for tasty local dishes. Their kare-kare is a must-try! I love it!

Thunderbird Resorts

A magnificent sunset and ocean view, charming villas and great buffet table, everything around Thunderbird Resorts spells luxury. I enjoyed our dinner as we were served a good selection of local and foreign dishes. My eyes drooled and were fixed on the sushi section!

Albeit a short visit, I'd say this Santorini-inspired resort is a place I would want to go back to and maybe stay a bit longer in the future (if my finances permits).


Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa

Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa offers the best advantage to those up for surfing in San Juan. It's conveniently located right across the spot where the surfing actions happen. Whether you choose to relax in one of their cabanas or have a sumptuous dinner after a day of surf, Kahuna delivers.

Unfortunately we didn't get to surf  as waves hadn't picked up while we were there. But I simply enjoyed the view of the tamed and gentle sea from Kahuna.



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