Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nagsasa Cove is Love

May 14-15, 2011
Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

I’ve been asked several times which of these two coves is more beautiful, Anawangin or Nagsasa. Well, for one, I think Nagsasa is the exact clone of Anawangin. Both have the same textures. It has the same lagoon, rolling mountains, off-white sand, nice beach, Agoho “pine” trees canopy, and almost the same number of campers. In both places, I found my “sugoi” moment which is what I care about. So really, I can’t say which is more beautiful, because both are worth visiting. 

I’d definitely say it was one of my best weekends with the girls. Thanks Kim, May and Liz!!!  

I was with my dearest highschool friends Kim, May and Liz for this weekend in Nagsasa. I wasn’t expecting much from this trip, all I wanted was to hang out with them, drink beer to my heart’s content and just catch up for the days we missed. So there, we headed up to Zambales.

We left Manila at about 6:30 a.m. via Victory Liner, Cubao bound for Iba, Zambales (Fare: P265) and reached San Antonio almost lunchtime. We bought the stuff  we needed at the cove at San Antonio Public Market (food for three meals, candles, water, wine, soft drinks and lots of alcoholic drinks). At Pundaquit (trike fare from San Antonio to Pundaquit is P30/pax), we met the boat owner Kuya Mike who rented us his boat for P1600/4 pax.

After nearly an hour of drenching boat ride, we finally reached the cove at around two in the afternoon.

What to do in Nagsasa:

Sunset. Try going to the lagoon side which has the panoramic view of the mountain. Its reflection on the waist-high river will surely capture every photographer’s creative eye.

Sunrise. Even after a nasty hangover from previous night’s session, try waking up to a beautiful sunrise in the cove. It’s a delight that no one should miss.

Viewing Deck. I didn't really expect that Nagsasa has the same viewing area which is almost the same as the one in Anawangin. The view from there is a sight to behold. You can hike up a bit to the left side, facing the sea.

Keep the Spirit Up, Bring Alcoholic Drinks. Well, this is not an option for minors and non-drinkers. But for our group, this was on our priority list. Nagsasa Cove is a place of respite. It sure is great to have a cold wine or Tanduay Ice while digging on some fun or melancholic stories with friends. It can perk up some bottled up emotions. 

Pig Out, Forget Diet. Bring as much food as you can. The cove has no supermarket where you can buy food. If say you have some usable and edible leftovers, maybe you can share it to the Aetas who are taking care of the area. In return, they can also share hot water for your morning coffee, for free!

Bring Your Camera. Alright, if you don’t have one, at least there should be someone in your group. Make sure to bring your best cam, just don’t forget to ziplock it. I’m pretty sure you’d have multiple Facebook profile pic(kable) shots. And for sure too, you would want people to know you've been there. hihi.

Laugh Out Loud. Indulge in a hearty laughter with friends/family. It’s free, anyway.

Sleep on the Sand. I regret not having experienced it while we were there.; I felt I needed the warmth of my tent so stayed in past midnight. I’ll do it next time, definitely.

Bring your three essential “Ss”: Swimwear/Shades/Sunblock.

Waterproof your things! The sea going to and from Nagsasa can be nasty... and fun. Better prepared than sorry. hehe

Leave Nothing but Great Memories. Pls Keep the Cove Clean!

Our Budget: P2,000/person. 4pax-trip.

Contact Boatman: Kuya Mike: 0928-340-5136.


  1. yes that was my first impression, they look alike (Ana and Nagsa). Though I have been neither of the 2 haha.How come you didn't show more skin as much as your friends did? C'mon che, it's an all girls trip, no need to be shy XD

  2. LOL. now, it's really like we're stalking each other kidd. hahaha!

  3. kidd, let's just say I know when to show off and when not to. And I know what to post and what to hide. hahaha

  4. Ate che nagdala ba kyo ng sarili nyong tent o meron na dun for rent? Ano mga accommodation options sa nagsasa?

    1. Hi Lei, back in 2011 tent accommodation lang dun. Nasa Pundaquit yung mga resorts. I suggest bring your own tent just to be sure. :)

  5. Hi po miss che! Yung sa
    Boat ride, kaya po kaya kung nasa 10 kami?


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