Friday, May 6, 2011

Batanes Itinerary

Scenic Vayang Ranch 

Planning a trip to Batanes? Here's our itinerary! I’ve included here our contacts, travel budget and places we’ve seen and visited during our four days and three nights stay there. Hope this helps, somehow. :)


For first time travelers, I would suggest getting help of a tour guide. Going around there on your own can be a little difficult since most places are really far and can be time consuming. Here's how we've spent our days in Batanes.

Day 1

Arrival. Breakfast at Hiro’s Cafe, Basco.

Batan Island Northern Part Tour

Tukon (Mt. Carmel Chapel), Tukon (PAGASA Radar Station), Basco Ijang (Ancient Ivatan Fortress), Valugan Boulder Beach, Pacita Fundacion, Basco Cathedral (Sto. Domingo), Basco town proper, Visit National Commision on Indigenous People, Vayang Ranch (Rolling Hills), Sunset viewing at Naidi Hills (Old Settlement/Basco Light House).

Day 2

Sabtang Island Tour

7:00AM Pick-up at the hotel, then van ride to San Vicente Port.

Boat ride to Sabtang Island (approximately 1hr)

Registration at Sabtang Heritage House:Visit San Vicente Ferrer Church, Visit Barrio Savidug (Traditional Vernacular Houses, Visit Sto. Thomas Chapel, Lime Kilns, Visit the famous Idjang (Ancient Ivatan Fortress), Picture taking at Chamantad- Tinian Viewpoint, Barrio Chavayan (UNESCO Nominated Site), Picture taking wearing of vacul/kanayi (Ivatan protective headgear), Visit Lolo Marcelo (oldest man in Batanes at 104).

Lunch and swimming at Morong Beach and picture taking at the famous rock arch formation.

Travel back to Sabtang port for boat ride back to Batan Island

Day 3

Batan Island Southern Part Tour

Mahatao Chawa View Deck, All Weather Boat Shelter Port, Mahatao Town Proper, Spanish Lighthouse & San Carlos Borromeo Church, Visit Diura Fishing Village and trekking to the Fountain of Youth, Visit Racuh-a-Payaman (Marlboro Country).

Lunch at Hiro’s Cafe.

Visit San Antonino De Padua Church, Ivana Town Proper, Honesty Coffee Shop, Visit San Jose de Obrero Church, House of Dakay (oldest traditional house), Alapad and Loran Station, Visit Brgy. Imnajbu & San Lorenzo Chapel, Ruins of Songsong, Municipal Park of Uyugan (Motchong Viewpoint), Uyugan Town Proper.

Day 4
Departure. :(

Valugan Boulder Beach

Travel Budget/per person:

Plane ticket via Seair (roundtrip discounted rate) - P6,927

Domestic Terminal Fee (Mla)– P200

Pasalubong/souvenir shopping- P1,000

Miscellaneous expenses - P,1000

Domestic Terminal Fee (Basco) –P20

Tour/Accommodation package for 4days/3nights (c/o Lydia Roberto)- P6,000 inclusive of:

Airport Transfer

Room Accomodations (Air Conditioned)

Batan Island & Sabtang Tour

Visitor's Fee

Full Board Meals

Tour Guide

House of Dakay (oldest traditional house) 


0921-229-0120 - Lydia Roberto (Manager of Amboy Hometel and Batanes Seaside Lodge)

0999-363-6845 - Noel (Tour Guide)


0915-930-9924, 0949-139-2522, 0920-910-3492- Amboy Hometel (Brgy. Chanarian, Basco)

849-0100 - Seair


  1. wow, batanes plan fare at P6,927 roundtrip!!! that's a great bargain!

    I am planning on going there last week of NOvember. Can I still get those rates?

    1. Hi jesi, good deal na talaga yung 6k RT. although we booked it through seat sale mga 5 months before the trip. hehe. check mo lang parati site ng SEAIR for deals:

      Enjoy your trip! Batanes is heaven! :)

    2. Stop muna flights today ng SEAIR to Batanes and will resume daw November ata. So baka mahirap na makakuha dun kung late pa booking. Found SkyPasada who also has flights there around my trip schedule. Nga lang, yung 6k na RT nyo na, one way pa lang. :)

      Newey, think i will still push through with it bec of the beautiful stories abt Batanes. Meron bang cheaper accomodation there & tours para medyo makatipid naman? Something lang homestay with the residents?


    3. not sure of homestays pero relatively (except Pacita Fundacion) cheap ang mga hotels and tours dun. here's the list of hotels dun:

      Amboy’s Hometel
      Batanes Resort
      Batanes Seaside
      Brandon’s Lodge
      DDD Habitat
      Dive Batanes
      Fundacion Pacita
      Novita House
      Rapitan Di Vasay

      We stayed at Amboys and very satisfied naman kami sa service nila. hands-on yung owner and personalized yung treatment sa bisita. i think ang biggest bulk talaga ng batanes expenses will go to airfare. pero other than that, cheap na din naman dun. :)

  2. pde ba mgpitch lng ng tent? haha, tnx for the reply

    1. haha! never thought of pitching a text in Batanes pero I think pwede naman. If gusto mo naman medyo comfortable na accommodation, mura lang ang mga hotels and inns sa Batanes. :)

  3. hi..will be in batanes dis coming may 22 til 29 ..nid opinion re: accomodation and tours..mgkno po per rum s amboy? pano po ang tour? organize nlng din b ng amboy? tnx

    1. Hi Dheng! You can check the rates of Amboys on their website: I've enjoyed my stay there and I could recommend the place to you. Have fun in Batanes! :)

  4. Cha and Janetski, kailan tayo pupunta sa Batanes?

    1. Kelan na nga ba Ciel? Eto ang flights to Batanes ng Skyjet:

  5. meron po ba kayong marerecomend na package na cheap that includes tours, accomodations and airfare in one? thanks

    1. Hi Xhen! I can recommend our tour package during our stay in Batanes. Please contact: 0921-229-0120 - Lydia Roberto (Manager of Amboy Hometel and Batanes Seaside Lodge. Thanks for dropping by! :)

    2. Although yung amin pala hindi pa included yung airfare.

  6. Hello,

    Nice and Interesting Batanes Trip :)
    Thanks for considering our Province...

    Explore, Experience and Enjoy Batanes.

    1. Hi Ryan! I enjoyed my short stay in Batanes! I hope to visit again someday. :)

      Visited you site, it's very nice. Made me miss Batanes even more. :)


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