Monday, December 5, 2011

Bucket list 2012

2011 has been an amazing traveling year and I feel like I've already covered most of my dream Philippine destinations. I know there's still a lot to be seen. For 2012, I'd like to visit some more places here in Pinas. I'm also excited to go out and see some of our neighboring SEA countries-- finally for the first time. Excited! :)

Here’s the complete list of what I plan to do next year:

1. Experience sunrise atop Mt. Pulag

2. Swim with whale sharks (Butanding) in Donsol

3. Camping in Calaguas

4. Meet Ketut in Bali

5. Food trip in Kuala Lumpur

6. Explore Callao Cave and Palaui Island in Cagayan

7. Experience sunrise and sunset in Siquijor and Dumaguete

8. Visit Masbate

9. See the vintas of Zamboanga

10. Reunite with relatives in Samar, visit Biri Island

11. Do some volunteer works

12. Complete Backpacking Pilipinas Volume2

13. Enroll in a swimming lesson

14. Write on this blog regularly (once a week, maybe)

15. Read more books

16. Watch a jazz concert

17. Fly a kite

18. Join a marathon 

19. Plan a wedding 

20. Save 


  1. plan a wedding?! ayeeeee!!!! --kimbo

  2. malay mo kim, wedding mo! i wanna be part of it. hehe

  3. apo, super like ung 2nd to the last sa list..:)-joyie

  4. haha. lola joyie, pressure ata to sa isang tao. mabasa kaya niya? lol

  5. sama ako punta bali to met ketut. lakas mka eat,love and pray.hehe! :)

  6. Hershie! mara next year! mapahula kita ki Ketut. :)

  7. copy! except the wedding part! hahaha! kulang pa che! wala pa yung riding the lightweight plane in angeles! =)) - majadera

  8. ja, actually naisip ko ung lightweight planes na yun. kasu ang mahal eh. baka 2013. hehe

  9. nice list! goodluck.
    interested din ako sa jazz concert, hope i can watch one too.. =)

  10. Hi Chyng, im watching a free jazz concert on Feb 13 at SM North skydome. If you're interested you may check this out for reservations:

  11. I think you can cross out volunteer works for me, I need some help in cleaning up some of my stuff hehehe


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