Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rizal Series: Angono is the Art Capital of the Philippines

A street mural showing the notes of Lucio San Pedro's famous composition Sa Ugoy ng Duyan 

February 19, 2012
Angono, Rizal

Being that February is the National Arts Month, I thought of visiting a place that embraces everything artsy. And where else to go than to the "Art Capital of the Philippines" -- Angono, Rizal!

This first class municipality, located 30 kilometers east of Manila, is the hometown of two national artists, Luis San Pedro for music and Carlos Botong Francisco for arts. It is also home to other artists like Nemirenda, Perdigon, the Blanco family and others.*

One of the major festivities held in this town is the Higantes Festival. This colorful festival features effigies made of bamboo, colorful cloth and faces of paper mache. It is said that the origin of this event dated as far back as the Spanish era wherein these higantes or effigies were used by the land tillers of Angono to air their grievances against the Spanish hacienderos. Today, it is one of the most famous events in the country.

One interesting find in Angono are the street murals found along Dona Aurora Street. These murals were based on the actual paintings of Botong Francisco. 

What's even more fascinating about Angono for me is to see how art breathes with the people there. Some may find it offensive but for me, seeing clothesline and parked bicycles along the murals just assert that art lives with the daily grind of the people there. 

We visited one of the well-known museums there, the Blanco Family Museum. It houses a collection of paintings of the Blanco Family. Led by Jose "Pitok" Blanco and wife Loreto "Loring" along with seven children Glenn, Noel, Michael, Joy, Jan, Gay and Peter Paul, this artistic family traveled around the Philippines to showcase Filipino culture and traditions through their canvasses. They used Realism in most of their works. The museum is a must-see for those planning to go to Angono!

Cha, Janet, Kidd and me with Micheal of the Blanco Family
Entrance Fee:
Adult 70
Student 50 

Address: 312 Ibanez St. Brgy Sa Vicente, Angono Rizal

Other Galleries in Angono:

Carlos "Botong" Francisco Studio
Hernandez Studio
Nemiranda Art Gallery
Tiamson Art Gallery

Saint Clements Parish Church

How to get to Angono, Rizal:

From EDSA take Ortigas Ave, then turn left to Ortigas Extesion passing Rosario and Junction- Cainta, at Kaytikling area turn right to Manila East Road, passing SM Taytay and Pure Gold and the next town is Angono.

From C-5, turn right to Ortigas Extension follow the route Rosarion-Cainta-Taytay-Angono.

From Marikina, take Imelda Avenue straight to Junction, turn left at junction Cainta taking the Ortigas Extension route, turn right and Mainila East Road passing SM Taytay and Pure Gold, next town is Angono. 



  1. nice one che! I'm learning from your blogs.

    1. thanks megs! appreciate you visiting and reading my blog! :)

  2. uy!may account na si Cha!May name at picture pa!very good!i'm sure this will be one of the most memorable cha!see you soon guys!miss yah! =) -majadera

    1. can't wait to see you again Ja! i'll email you soon about our Donsol trip. :D

  3. Maj, goodle account yan. try mo rin yun para may name at pic ka rin.

    Talagang memorable ikaw ba naman ang may marka sa katawan hanggang ngayon. hahaha pero leasson learned.

    1. astig bek, magblog ka na man! :)

      lol sa memories sa Angono! tan-geeeyyy! :D

    2. minsan talaga kelangang mangyari ang mga bagay-bagay! hahaha

    3. may mga bagay-bagay talagang nangyayari.hmmmm..... =D -majadera

    4. ganun talaga.. masakit man..HAHA

  4. sa balaw balaw lang kami pumunta when we went to Angono... dami pa pala pwede puntahan... thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Welcome! Try to visit also the Angono Petroglypghs and the Blanco museum if you have time. :)

  5. Really enjoyed going here with you, Cha and Janet. Next time again :)

    1. i also enjoyed the trip kidd..kahit na may aksidente. HAHAHA

    2. hahaha!kidd, hindi kb nag-enjoy kasama si Che? mukhang may tampo nga sayo Che.tsk!tsk!tsk! =o

      i super enjoyed this trip too!l may libreng lunch eh! =))

    3. Ja, lagyan na ng picture yang profile na yan!!! :)

    4. aha! may google account na rin siya! :)
      maya-maya may blog na rin yan! :)


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