Friday, April 20, 2012

Majestic Mayon

I literally grew up with Mayon always on a distant sight. I remember how our family used to spend some of our Sundays at a beach fronting the sea that separates Albay from my home province Catanduanes. On a clear and cloudless day, we would be treated to a beautiful sight of Mayon, and it would   show off its world-famous symmetrical conical shape. Even from afar, we would see that it's not called "the perfect cone" for no reason, it's "magayon!"

My fascination of Mayon continued when I lived in Legazpi City for four years. Waking up every morning and seeing it lurking silently from outside my dormitory window made me want to thank God for putting me on earth on a spot near such a majestic sight. Seeing a World Wonder in our backyard is a blessing that could hardly be ignored. 

All shades of Blue. Mayon seen from Catanduanes (May 2010)

Bird's eye view of Mayon, taken during our flight from Legazpi to Manila (March 2012)

But of course behind its beauty lies the fact that it's an active, and a  very dangerous volcano. I experienced minor eruptions while I was staying in Legazpi. During some angry Mayon days, our classes would be cancelled and we would be advised to stay indoors as volcanic ashes continue to pile up outside. At night though, the sight of an erupting Mayon is transformed to an amazing scene. We would see a stream of red-hot lava spewing from the crater forming a firecracker-like effect, then slowly a thick and visible pyroclastic flow would dance down to the crevices of the mountain. It was indeed a dangerously magnificent sight!

Cloud-capped Mayon behind Cagsawa Ruins (March 2012)

Photo taken from ferry boat plying San Andres, Catanduanes to Tabaco, Albay (Oct. 2010)

Having erupted over 48 times in the past 400 years, Mayon is considered the most active volcano in the Philippines. Its most destructive eruption occured on Ferbruary 1, 1814. On that fateful day,  some 1200 people sought refuge inside the local church but had lost their lives as the whole town including the church was completely destoyed. What remains today of that devastating eruption is the Cagsawa Ruins where only the remnants of the belltower and some parts of the 18th century Franciscan Church stands. It is now one of the most popular tourists destinations in Albay, and is considered symbolic of the dangers of living near the volcano.

Despite sustaining some visible damage from previous eruptions, it has retained its  almost perfect symmetry to these days. 

Sunset. Photo taken from Embarcadero Mall (March 2012) 

Photo taken from Embarcadero Mall (June 2010)

A visit to Albay is never complete without me seeing the imposing view of Mayon. And every time, it makes me feel at home.  :)

Taken aboard a bus en route to Tabaco, Albay (July 2009)

Mayon Fact Facts:

  • It rises 2,462 m (8, 189 ft) above the Bicol Region of the Philippines and has a base circumference of 62.8km (40mi).
  • It is an example of a stratovolcano for its almost perfect symmetrical shape.
  • The name Mayon is derived from the Bicolano word Magayon, which means "beautiful."
  • It is located right in the center of the Albay Province, 460km south of Manila. 
  • It is visible from nearly all cities and towns in the Albay Province. 


  1. This is indeed a perfect creation by Him!

  2. Thanks to the one above for this lovely lovely creation! :) Id love to see this wonderful mt. mayon upclose. :)

    1. Amen. Go and visit Albay, so you can see this perfect creation. :)

  3. At any spot or angle, this volcano deserved the name, Majestic and Magayon (Beautiful). This is really one of my best dream destinations someday and hopefully that I will do that in a right timing.

    1. This is one of the best spots in the Philippines. I hope you see it someday! :)

  4. Hi Che! I just found out about your blog last night. Today I already spent an hour reading your posts. lol I miss Albay.. I miss Sta. Rafaela.. The memories with all of you girls will forever be cherished! I wish you well Che.. hugs! - Ate Joy

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by Ate Joy! I miss you too..


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