Monday, December 2, 2013

Top 30 Favorite Spots in the Philippines: 4.Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake

Twenty two years after the climactic eruption that shocked the world, it is still unimaginable and surreal to see a magnificent view right where the disaster happened -- the now famous turquoise-colored crater lake of  Mt. Pinatubo.

I visited it back in 2009 and found the trip as "magical." I still recall that clear February morning, my friends and I jumped to a rugged 4x4 ride before we took the "relatively easy" trail leading to the crater. It was a day well-spent as we enjoyed the beauty around while in the company of great friends. To cap our delightful experience, we stopped by to say hello to an Aeta community on our way back to the base camp.  

I was wowed by the sight and the experience that I promised myself to bring more people to see this wonderful spot. In 2011, along with my sister and two friends, I revisited Mt. Pinatubo. And although the weather was not on our side that day, my legs were wobbly after hours and hours of trek, and some apparent changes like the infrastructures (the newly built concrete viewing deck and recreational buildings were not there when I first visited the area) that now stands near the lake, I still found the trip as enjoyable as the first time Pinatubo and I met.  

Hopefully the future visitors will take care of the lake and avoid littering within its premises. For itinerary going to Mt. Pinatubo, pls check my blog here. :)

Mt. Pinatubo's turquoise-colored crater lake 

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