Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mt. Pinatubo Hike

Mt. Pinatubo in 2009

Mt. Pinatubo hike 2011

I obviously loved Mt. Pinatubo enough to make me hike its difficult terrain twice. She was "love at first sight."

I first scaled this mountain back in 2009 with my friends May and Megs, and that sunny Sunday was filled with so much adventure and laughter despite it being my first time to conquer a mountain. I was totally smitten by the beauty of the crater and I didn't expect that such sight could be a result of a grim and deadly disaster. I vowed to myself to return so I could let my other friends experience what I had while on the trail and the wow moment of actually seeing the crater for the first time.

With May and Megs

In 2011, I was back in Pinatubo with Cha, Kidd and Janet. But unlike my first climb, this time, we were faced with more challenges. First, we learned that the "skyway," the trail that could have shortened our trek from 4 hours to just 2 hours, was damaged and was not passable. Second, it was drizzling and the upstream current was unforgiving. Well, third, I was on my slippers which made the climb even more agonizing. But the magic of Pinatubo was not washed down by the rain. I was still awed by the mere sight of it. And although, I'd to say that this trip was much more challenging, I was in a happy company so the hardships along the trail was almost never felt.

With Cha, Kidd and Ja



03:00am - Assembly sa Victory Liner Cubao Terminal

04:00am - Departure to Capas, Tarlac

06:00am - ETA Tourism Office; registration
07:00am - 4 x 4 ride to jump off point via Skyway
07:30am - Start of 2-hour trek
09:30am - ETA crater; free-time, swim, explore
11:30nn - Lunch break
01:30pm - ETD to jump off point (2-hr trek)
03:30pm - ETA jump off point; 4 x 4 ride back to Tourism Office
04:00pm - ETA Tourism Office; wash-up
05:00pm - ETD to Capas Shrine
06:00pm - ETD to Manila.


Small Backpack
Zip Locks (to waterproof your stuff)
Light towel

Personal Medicine
Camera & accessories
extra shirt for going home to manila
weather clothes (jacket, poncho/raincoat)
swimwear (optional)
Food & Drinks
trail food (suggested trailmix: biscuit, gummy bears or gummy cola, raisins, cornflakes, oreo, jellyace)
enough trail water (for ascend and descend) – at least 1 liter

Travel expenses (3-4 pax): P2,500 all in

Mt. Pinatubo Tour
0928-341-0402/ 0928-781-3556


  1. 2500 per head, all in? I saw a site where they charge 13k per person. Mas mura ata pag group. 3 lang kayo jan?

    1. Hi! Yep, P2500 all in (3 pax). But this was 2009 budget pa. DIY lang kami so relatively mura compared to joining groups. :)


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