Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top 30 Favorite Spots in the Philippines: 18. Sagada

Sagada is on my list of must-revisit places after my 80 Before 30 challenge. It's one of those places that has a great recall and repeat value not only because I've had an incredible time when I went there in 2009, but because I feel there's still a lot that I need to see and do there.  And of course... still a lot of food I must try and go back for.

What do I recall most about Sagada... the extreme (and life-threatening) spelunking experience from Lumiang Cave (with the hanging coffins) to Sumaguing Cave, the crisp and cold temperature while witnessing the sunrise at Kiltepan Tower and sunset at Lake Danum, the delightful mountain foods, the raging and massive Bomod-ok Falls, the strenuous but fulfilling hike along Banga-an rice fields, and the friends I've met during the trip (who I still travel with until now). Ahhh, memories of Sagada make me want to go back there very soon, hopefully this year. :)

More of my adventures in Sagada here...

While waiting for sunset at Lake Danum


  1. Couldnt agree with u more che been there almost every year for d past 11 years and last yr was d only time i missed going kaya im truly missing d place ..

    1. Hi Berns! Glad to hear from you! I remember you telling me back then your yearly trip to Sagada... it does have a repeat value unlike any other place! There's always something new that excites us about that place despite having to go through the rough 13-hr bus ride from Manila. Or maybe that too. the long travel. we earn the pleasure of just being there. :)

  2. Babalikan ko ito to pick fresh oranges! haha

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