Monday, February 17, 2014

Top 30 Favorite Spots in the Philippines: 29. Baguio

Much has changed in Baguio since my first visit decades ago. Back then, only street vendors and local businessmen compete among each other. Now, the retail giant SM has already invaded the city, making the competition tougher for the locals. Back then, ukay-ukay has not been introduced yet, now, it covers a significant space along the busy stretch of Session Road. Back then, a trip to Baguio is never complete without a photo-op with the Igorot tribesmen clad in their local costumes at Botanical Garden. Now, not so many people do that. Over the years, this vibrant city known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, has caught up with the demands of the modern times. It is the face of an ever-changing metropolis. 

Although some has changed in Baguio since the first time I visited it, I still consider it one of my favorite destinations. I may have been to other beautiful places in the country, but there’s no denying that taking a trip to this city once in a while offers a lull from my daily urban grind. Those fog-kissed pine trees and the morning mist on the windows of Victory Liner bus as it ascends through the long and winding road to Baguio still brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. 

The topography, the people and even the climate may have changed a bit, but some things will never change in Baguio. It's still the best place to go sight-seeing, food trip, museum-hopping, shopping, and trying out new adventures. 

Check out my blog on the must-do activities in Baguio. 

A Baguio trip favorite must-do -- boating at Burnham Park

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  1. I love Baguio! My childhood dream was fulfilled when we went there. It was also very memorable because we spent our New Year for 2014 there! :D


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