Thursday, May 29, 2014

Coming Home Now: A Story of Passion for Surfing and Love for Catanduanes

The news spread like wildfire over the internet last night. I was in total disbelief. Probably like many people, I couldn't grasp the idea that a man who seemed to be in a perfect physical form and someone living a life most of us could only dream of, could be gone too soon.

But your online profile confirmed the unthinkable. The ocean is now forever yours, Ezra.

One of Ezra's last posts (Photo Credit: Ezra Efondo)
I remember one of our conversations during the BookSail event in Palumbanes Island, you shared how you left the corporate world and chose to go back to our home province. I remember how your eyes lit while you talked about Jack Johnson, sunsets, and surfing in Puraran.

Your story is quite an inspiration. You turned your back to a promising career in the metro and traded it to the rural life in Catanduanes. Not only did you embrace your simple beachfront life, you shared it to everyone through your stunning photos.

I admit I have yet to meet someone as passionate as you were when it comes to promoting tourism in Catanduanes. With your clout and charm in social media, you were successful in making people talk about surfing in Puraran.

You placed this small quiet town of Baras in the map of the surfing world. And you did not stop there, you still searched for other beach breaks and possible dive spots around our province. And just weeks ago, who would have thought that the first ever surf and music festival would be held in Catanduanes? It was, as it turned out, your final project, a special treat for everyone.

You did not just dream about all these, you actually made things possible. You pushed Catanduanes tourism to the next level. And unlike many of us who left our island in search for greener pastures elsewhere, you chose to stay and to help the local community there. Much respect to you, Ezra. 

Selfie with the kids in Palumbanes Island (Photo Credit: Ezra Efondo)
In behalf of all the BookSail volunteers, we thank you for your selfless dedication to our literacy campaign. Your legacy will live on forever through the books you helped distribute in Palumbanes Island. You were a big help last year, and your presence this year will be sorely missed. But I'm pretty sure you'll smile down at us if you'll know where our team is heading to... a place you call a #happyisland.

30 years of a well-lived, well-served life. Rest well now, Ezra.

You are home. Surf's up. 

Just another day at the office (Photo Credit: Ezra Efondo)

Ezra Efondo | January 12, 1984 - May 28, 2014


  1. The world lost a great man. Your legacy lives on Ezra...

  2. Di ko siya kilala pero nakakaiyak po.. too good a man to die young :'(

  3. Well written farewell, Che. Batchmate ko sya sa National.

  4. Thanks for writing about this Che. He was a great man and yet he lived simply. It warms my heart to know the many lives that Ezra has touched. Such a beautiful piece.

  5. good man indeed! God Bless his soul

  6. Che thanks for this blog Che, awat kna syang dai na hiling the last time ata way back 2005 pa, i know him ta suki mi sinda sa computer shop n butchok sa may cc during those time nag part time job ako duman and daing days n dai an ga computer kwela n tawo, pero nahiling mo talaga saiya na dakula ang puso sa kuminidad. Sana may mag padagos kang saiyang pinun-an para sa mga tawong nag tubod asin sa mga tawong natuwangan nya...2.thumbs up saimo Ezra. Sa Efondo Family indeed you bless to have him..

  7. God bless his soul...

  8. thank you for sharing this. i could not help but cry when i read about the news... i haven't met him in person but i've read so much about him when i was just starting to explore surfing.. he's truly an inspiration. still is. always... surf's up, ezra!

  9. You built your Legacy,,To our Local Surf touch many lives through your kindness...High Respect...We admire you in Cagayan De oro city...We will also follow ur footsteps and ur dreams,,SURF GUSA CDO...


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