Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Think Green: Puralytics SolarBag for backpackers

I support green innovations and it's cool to know that nowadays, more and more companies are turning  into eco-friendly products and services. As a travel enthusiast, I'm excited to see this trend penetrating the world of backpackers, hikers, and beach bummers.

In my travels around the Philippines, especially in remote areas, one of the challenges I experienced was the access to clean and potable water. Sometimes, I find myself in places where the only available water source are tap water and natural streams or rivers. Other than these, I rely heavily on bottled water which, sadly, eventually goes into the waste basket.

I got to try a product called Puralytics SolarBag in my recent trip to Batangas. It is a sunlight activated water purifier that uses a nanotechnology coated mesh to remove contaminants and microorganisms. I like the idea that it harnesses the power of the sun and does not use electricity or any chemicals to treat water.

Here's how it works, if you're in a middle of a trail with no access to clean water other than from rain or a nearby stream, you can pour 3 liters of fresh water into the SolarBag, and then expose it to direct sunlight. After 2 hours, the water should be ready to use. Simple and easy as that. 

Reusable up to 500 times, using SolarBag also addresses the usual need to buy bottled water while on travel. This will eventually save further amount of trash from used water bottles.

Product features:

  • Simple to operate. Fill the bag with fresh water, let sit for a bit, and the water should be ready in a few.
  • Easy and light to carry when traveling. Just slip into your backpack and you're good to go, back to the trail.
  • This one is interesting. Solarbag uses sunlight to activate the nanotechnology coated mesh insert to purify water. No chemicals or pumps required.
  • Treatment time: 2-6 hrs, depending on cloud cover and fresh water quality. I tried a stream water and exposed it to sunlight for only 2 hours. However, longer exposure may be needed for heavily polluted water.
  • Capable of treating organic contaminants and heavy metals.
  • Treats up to 9 liters a day and reusable up to 500 times. 

For more details about SolarBag, click here: www.puralytics.com 


  1. Puralytics SolarBag is such an amazing invention. I just placed my online order so that i can also get use of the SolarBag and avoid purchasing water bottles when I am on the go.

  2. This is really great invention! I also support green innovations but about this one I hear for the first time. This is cool that it's simple to operate and easy and light to carry when traveling, because even if we follow environmentally friendly life on a daily basis we can easily forget about it during traveling. This happens due to the lack of portable things which help us at home. We can easily purchase essay online but it will be hard to sort wastes in the forest.

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