Monday, June 20, 2011

Camiguin Deserves a Second Chance

The tall and gentle cascade of Katibawasan Falls

When my flight to Mindanao was booked, the first thing that came to my mind was Camiguin. I’ve seen lots of beautiful photos and heard enough great stories about the place. The White Island, the prominence of Mt Hibok Hibok, the sunken cemetery and the hot springs made this island an “enchanting and captivating” place to explore.

But nature has its way of making you see things differently. It was a drizzling Monday morning when we left Cagayan De Oro City. Kim, Cha and I took the easier route going there, two-hour fast craft via Paras Sea Cat. It was almost noon-time when we set foot in the island, and the overcast sky we left in CdO followed us in Camiguin. The place looked bleak and lonely.

One of the pools at Ardent Hot Spring

The first place we visited was Katibawasan Falls. I was awed by this 250 feet high charming cascade. We practically got the whole place by ourselves so we took as much photos as we can.

Our next stop was Ardent Hot Spring. Located at the foot of Mt. Hibok Hibok, this hot spring is one of the most visited places in the island according to our guide Kuya Monsoi. There were a few people enjoying a dip when we arrived. The water is about 40 degrees Celsius and is heated by the volcanic activities of Mt. Hibok Hibok. But I thought it wasn't the best place for me so we decided to move to our next stop, the White Island!

Ardent Hotspring is about 5 minutes away from the port where we rented a boat that took us to a 10 -minute ride to White Island. Interestingly, it was high tide when we got there and almost the entire place was submerged to sea water. The only sight remaining was the beach umbrellas set up by vendors who sell various stuff to visitors. There were no trees and permanent infrastructures around. It was, by far, the smallest island that I’ve been to. The dark sky did not stop us from taking photos, enjoying the white sand and the turquoise-colored sea around the island.

Mt Hibok Hibok seen from White Island

After almost 6 hours, we packed our bags and decided to head back to CdO. We originally thought of staying overnight in the island but the weather was just a downer. At 4 pm, we were again aboard Paras Sea Cat.

But our one-day Camiguin experience did not stop there. On our way back to CdO we chanced up a rare sighting of a group of dolphins moving towards Camiguin. And to cap the whole experience, a spinner dolphin made quite a show for us. It was a priceless act I would never forget.

beach umbrellas at White Island, eye sore

And for these experiences, I think Camiguin deserves a second chance. A chance under a clear and crisp summer sky. Summer 2012, hopefully. J

Van rental- P1, 500
Kuya Munsoi- 0916-132-5909

Paras Sea Cat- P550- one way

Daily trip to and from Camiguin

CDO to Camiguin -8:30 am- 10:30am

Camiguin to CDO- 4:00pm- 6:00pm

Boat to White Island- P400

Entrance fees-

White Island- P20

Ardent- P50

Katibawasan Falls- P35

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  1. sayaaannngg :( Camiguin's really really nice when it's sunny (I bet it's even the best place on Earth). I'm from Camiguin btw :)


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