Monday, June 13, 2011

Experiencing Asia's Longest Dual Zipline in Bukidnon

At 4,500 above sea level, the first 5 seconds of the 840m flight is the most scary

Waking up to a rainy morning and with a flight to catch in the afternoon, Cha, Kim and I decided to ditch the original plan of commuting our way to Bukidnon. We contacted Kuya Danny, a cab driver, who agreed to drive us to Dahilayan Adventure Park for P2,000 roundtrip. We left CDO at 7a.m. and reached Manolo Fortich at 9. It really wasn’t supposed to take two hours since we were aboard a private car. But we just couldn’t be stopped from taking photos of the scenic views on the way to the site. We enjoyed the lush vegetation, the plateaus, the charming old houses of Del Monte farmers, the magnificent hills on the background, the small talks with some farmers and the photo ops amidst the sprawling pineapple field. For the delays and muddy feet we got, it was fun.

pineapple field

Since it was a Tuesday, there were just a handful of people in the park when we arrived. We were told that weekends are always the busiest; the number of visitors can climb up to a thousand.

I think this park placed Bukidnon to the tourism map of the Philippines. Well why not, it boasts of the longest dual zipline in Asia. At 4,500 feet above sea level and 840m, it’s definitely an adventure worth trying.

with Kim and Cha at the launch tower

We paid P600 to take advantage of the all-ride rate, meaning we have to conquer the 320m + 150m + 840m ziplines! We first had to try the 320 and the 150 m. Then after, we were driven to the launch tower for the 840 m. I must admit it was really daunting! It took a lot of convincing to get myself strapped and prepared for the take off. I had to see others do it first. Cha and I took the flight together. It took less than a minute to finish the ride. The first few seconds was crucial but eventually, the flight became smooth. The pine trees below and the gush of cool air made the flight almost a delight. There was even a few seconds when I had to close my eyes to let in the cool breeze passing through. It was great!

trying to fake a smile before take off

Zipzone is open every day, from Mondays to Sundays and on Holidays (same time). Rates are the following:
840m (40kls. – 110 kls. only):
P 500.00/pax/ride
320m + 150m
P 250.00/pax/ride
All Rides (320m + 150m + 840m)
P 600.00/pax/ride
Ropes Course:
P 200.00/head
Wall Climbing:
P 100.00/head
P 50/ additional wall

look who's flying?


1st Option

Rent – A – Van P 3,000.00 (maximum 12pax) : back & forth CdeO to Dahilayan to CdeO Sidetrips @ Del Monte Clubhouse/Kawayanun and Etc.: Additional P500.00/Sidetrip/Area Pick-up: With-in City Proper. If from Airport Additional P500.00

2nd Option

Accredited Zipzone Shuttle (maximum of 14pax) : EVERY FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY
back & forth CdeO to Dahilayan to CdeO
Waiting Place: Coffee Works ,Divisoria
Waiting Time: 8:00AM
Fare: P350.00 per Head (Adult & Kids)
Prio Seats Will be given to those who pays in Advance

3rd Option

Commute from Anywhere in Cdeo :
- Ride a TAXI going GUSA Terminal(rate depends on the agreement with the Driver,ranges:150 – 300)
- From Gusa Terminal , ride a Jeepney(P40.00) or Van(P50.00) going CAMP PHILIPS
- From Camp Philips , ride a HABAL2x or Single Motor , P100.00 per Head


Kuya Danny- Taxi (Good for 3-4 pax) - P2,000 -09282060045
Dahilayan Adventure Park:

*Rates and some information on how to get there were taken from the official site of Dahilayan Advanture Park.

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