Sunday, February 14, 2010

DJC Halo Halo, Tiwi, Albay

There's so many things that make me want to go back to Legazpi again and again -- old friends, food, Mt. Mayon. And every trip to Legazpi is never complete without a stop for the good old favorite DJC Halo Halo.

What's in it: cheese, finely shaven ice, sago, lecheflan, milk, ube and sweetened banana. Seems pretty normal halo halo stuff, but i'm telling you, it's always a delight. 

The first time I had my share of this cheesy halo halo was back in college. Eric and I used to go to Tiwi, Albay, which is about an hour away van ride from Legazpi, for this famous halo halo. It's old humble place in Tiwi is located adjacent the municipal hall. 

The good news now is that I don't have to travel to Tiwi anymore. DJC have opened branches in Legazpi (Pacific Mall) and Naga (near the Basilica). 

Price then in Tiwi was just P25, but now it's P70-85. :)

photo with eph and eric @DJC Pacific Mall 


  1. Kami sa tiwi, mas malapit kasi ang tabaco run he he he :)

  2. masiramun ang halo halo ninda ...

  3. eds agree! mas masiram pero yung original lang. yung wara lang ng ice cream. :) :)

  4. I won't have any halo-halo if it's not from DJC. (Talk about loyalty!)

    Hi Ate Che! Love your blogs. Kaya super inspired ako magplan ng trips! :)

    1. Hi Graziella! Thanks for dropping by! Safe travels for you! :)


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