Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunset in Manila Bay

There isn't any other way to describe the sunset in Manila Bay other than the word "Fascinating."
As soon as the great sun touches the horizon, the colors of the sky imitates a beautiful painting in a broad canvass.

The best time to go there is early 5p.m. I give credit to the local government of Manila for taking back the old Manila Bay scenes. Unlike when there was a deluge of bars/restos around, the idea of "promanading along the bay"seems to have lost it's touch because of too much consumerism in the area. For now, one can just enjoy the sunset in the long stretch of Manila Bay along with group of families having a great bonding time, lovers enjoying each others moments, vendors selling various products, photographers waiting for the shot of the day and just regular yuppies taking a respite from the grueling hours at work.

Not too bad for a free experience! Have a great Manila Bay experience too! =)

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